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Fry Sauce Christmas Tree

Our experimental marketing was a success. Our pretend “fry sauce Christmas tree” gained national attention. Read the original updates below and see a list of just a fraction of the dozens of news outlets that featured our story.

fry sauce Christmas treeAs usual, we had a little fun around the office.  With Christmas coming near and all we figured we should celebrate like everyone else, but with a Utah spin.  It was a tough decision deciding which Utah thing we love more, green jello or fry sauce.  The office came together like a team though.  We just finished building a 7 ft. tree… made of fry sauce!  Pics to come.

Ha!  Looks like the word is spreading about our fry sauce Christmas tree.  Take a look at where we’ve been featured in the media.

  • UT News Feed
  • Street Insider
  • Wesrch
  • Deal Breaker
  • Virtual Strategy
  • Financial Content


Shocking Developments

Today was an interesting day.  The power dimmed out a time or two across a few minute span at out Layton web design office before finally going out for quite some time.  Come to find out, there was an accident at a construction site up the street.  A backhoe that was being unloaded hit a power pole.  We hope the construction crew are all ok.

As for us, luckily we all work on laptops and had enough batter life to finish out the day.  As for internet, we turned on our cell phones and tethered to their data connection.  Technology is amazing.  To read more about what happened, click here.


Matt Damon Birthday Office Party

Uh-oh!  This week is somebody’s birthday at the office.  Looks like Matt Damon came to pay a visit.  Ok, not the real Matt Damon.  Just print outs of his face.  Everywhere!

Our boss-man’s name is Damon and for one reason or another we have a running joke of associating him with the actor, Matt Damon.  Really, there’s no reason for it whatsoever other than the “Damon” name.  Good thing we have a cool boss.  If you can even call him that.  We’re all part of a team.

Matt Damon everywhere

Student Desks as Office Desks?

While we work hard to build quality web designs for Utah businesses, we also like to play.  While joking about a new desk for our conference room, we considered balancing hard work with fun and entertained the idea of student desks for meetings.  And, what would you know, the DI just happened to have some this week.

Not sure how the other web designers in the office will like them but, at just $15 a piece, how could you say no?!

student desks

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