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Damon Burton

Damon Burton

President’ish Type Guy

Having been a Utah web designer since 1999 and successfully launched other internet marketing agencies, Damon is the driving force behind our operations.  He is not just a managing member of our Utah web design company but, he is proudly one of our designers himself.

  • Loves the challenge of being an entrepreneur
  • Married to the perfect woman
  • Father to a kid with an IQ of 492(wait, does the IQ scale even go that high?)
  • Not a fan of StarTrek
  • Has a head of luscious locks
  • Favorite Quote: “Matt Daaaaamon
Operations Lead

Kyle Detro

Operations Lead

Without Kyle, Utah Sites would probably not have internet in the office, our computers would burn up in flames, and our coffee maker wouldn’t make coffee.  He’s our tech guy.

  • Self-proclaimed nerd
  • Father to amazing boy who taught him more about life than any StarTrek episode (and he’s seen them all)
  • Still convincing his dad he has a real job
  • Deathly afraid of heights
  • Misses his full head of hair
  • Favorite Quote: “Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back.”
web designer


Lead Designer

He’s like the musician Prince, Marco only has one name.  He’s our go-to guy when it comes to initial website mockups.  He’s the guy that takes our team’s pencil scribbles and converts them into Photoshop masterpieces that get sent to our awesome clients for approval.

  • A man of mystery
  • (we got nothing – see the first bullet point)

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