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How to Design Effective Websites for Different Age Groups

Each website has a different audience, and each audience has its unique characteristics. Some websites may appeal to kids and be fun and interactive. Others may sell adult-oriented products such as home security systems or car insurance. When you design a website for...

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Mobile-Friendly Website No-No’s

Responsive ("mobile-friendly") web design is a design approach that creates an optimal website viewing experience across a variety of devices and screen sizes. The goal is a uniform user experience across the board. Responsive design allows you to develop an adaptive...

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Choosing the Right Domain Name

Your domain name is an important that contributes to the long-term success of your business. Make sure that you put adequate thought into choosing one that will benefit your company. Brainstorm with your friends, family, and team to come up with a wide selection of...

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A Guide to Building Websites for Millennials [infographic]

In this modern world, information is accessible in the tip of your fingers. Individuals from different walks of life will never settle to be left behind on social events, trends and other issues and concern in the society posted on different websites. Because of the...

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A Guide to Building Websites for Millennials

Millennials are typically defined as people roughly between 16 and 34 years of age. They have been the focus of scrutiny and attention, largely because of their unique purchasing habits and use of technology. They have different expectations compared to the previous...

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4 Ways to Ensure Your Website Launch Doesn’t Get Delayed

The more days that pass = more people going online = the more you need a modern website. When you take on the task of designing a website yourself you quickly realize how much more involved they are than just slapping up words and pictures. Once you make the decision...

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What’s the Right Font for Your Logo?

The choice of font is an important part of a logo design. The use of the right type of font can strengthen your logo and your brand while the use of the wrong font is an open invitation to customer rejection. Choosing the perfect font is a daunting task, considering...

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Fixing Common Website Issues

Problems could occur on a website at any time, ruining its usability and function. And when functionality goes out the window, so do sales.  These problems could include anything from slow page load to broken links as well as poor optimization for mobile use. The...

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Is a Minimalist Web Design Right for You?

Minimalism is currently one of the most popular types of web design. It has features and advantages that will make a lasting impression on the design landscape and is simplicity makes it attractive to potential customers. A minimalist website is aesthetically...

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