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Build a Portfolio Website

You can get more business and bolster your professional brand by building a portfolio website. The purpose of a portfolio website is to showcase your work and allow people to get in contact with you. It allows you to store your best work in one place for potential...

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8 Web Designs that Get Results

Many would argue that design eclipses content when it comes to getting traffic to a website. That is why a well-designed site has such a big impact on the bottom line of a business. If you are looking to enhance sign-ups, traffic, and sales to a website, consider...

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Reasons Behind Website Crashes

As a business owner, your website is your showcase. It is your business’ sales floor, your brand, and more. It sells for you 24/7, and that's why a website crashing can be so detrimental. No matter how customer your website design or proactive you are, there will...

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Tips for Top-quality User Interface Design

On occasion, web designers may fall into the trap of showing off their design abilities. They may unleash a fury of advanced and highly creative design elements, all the while forgetting that “form follows function.” They may create a fancy looking without bothering...

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Why Less is More When it Comes to Websites

A fancy website isn’t necessarily better. Some website owners think that embellishing their pages with a glut of images, videos, and detailed fonts will attract users. On the contrary, studies have shown simple websites load faster and convert better. Here are a few...

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Why People Are not Staying on Your Website

If you’re not happy with your website’s conversion rates, it could be because visitors aren’t sticking around to read your content. Even if users can easily find your website, finding and staying are two different matters. If you feel that potential customers are...

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Designing the Perfect Logo

An effective logo is essential to the success of any business. A logo communicates the "first impression" of your company to your clients and distinguishes your brand in the marketplace, allowing you to stand out from the competition. A logo also provides a unique...

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Read This Before Launching Your Website

If you have ever launched a website, you know that it can be a nail-biter. It’s thrilling to see the site go live after the many weeks or months of planning, design, and development. But there are also many things that could go wrong. There could be misspellings and...

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Do I Need a Web Designer? Or a Web Developer?

It’s a common practice to use web design and web development interchangeably. However, the two terms are fundamentally different even though they both play an integral role in the website-building process. A web designer requires a different skill set from that of a...

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Is Your Website Personalized?

Website personalization is a hot trend right now. It involves the creation of customized experiences for site visitors. The idea is to present viewers with experiences tailored to their perceived desires and needs, instead of providing a single, one-size-fits-all...

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