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Office Remodeling Update

Look how far we’ve come since we first started the office remodel.  Here are some before and after pictures.

Lobby looking into an office (before).

office remodel before

Lobby looking into an office (after).

office remodel after

We still have some touch up work and, obviously, have to move in the furniture.  What an amazing improvement though, don’t you think?  Below is a before and after of the same area but, from the reverse angle.  You can see an item or two of furniture temporarily placed in the waiting area.  Our new shades for the office windows just arrived too.  We can’t wait to put them up.

lobby remodel before lobby remodel after

A tricky part of creating an office for a web design company in Utah is to balance a a professional environment with a welcoming one.  How do you offer an environment that looks professional without being stuffy.  We went with a modern look using white laminate floors with vibrant accent walls (bright orange – not pictured) and added comfortable furniture in traditional darks.

Speaking of office floors, man, those were tricky.  The laminate floors in the office were, by far, the most time consuming part of remodeling this beautiful (but old) office.  In celebratory fashion, we excitedly placed the last laminate flooring piece for our office.

last laminate floor piece

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