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Tips for Improving Your Web Design Skills

Self-Improvement Month is observed every September, reminding us to keep working to become better with each passing year. Self-improvement should cover all facets of life, including careers, hobbies and interests, relationships, and more. At Utah Sites, we encourage people in the field of web design and development to continue improving their skill set.

Improve Web Design Skills Tips

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As a web designer, you should never lose perspective about what your target audience expects and how new technologies can help you accomplish your goals. Here are a few suggestions for taking your design skills to the next level:

  • Include standardized fonts – Make sure that your website’s fonts match you or your customer’s fonts on their business cards, stationary, etc. Using the same fonts across different platforms will provide uniformity to the brand.
  • Forget the slider – There was a time when image sliders were cool. They’re not anymore. They slow your website and no one has the patience to sit and watch them. Stop using website sliders.
  • Simplify your menu – Keep visitors from becoming overwhelmed by a dragnet of links. Reducing a visitor’s options will lead them down the funnel path of your choosing.
  • Avoid an over-designed website – You may be tempted to use a kaleidoscope of colors in your design. But, please don’t. Minimalistic designs are the way to go. Who knows. You may not only want a minimalistic design but a single pageless design for added simplicity, too.

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