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Is Pageless Design a Fad?

A new trend in web design is emerging, called pageless design. Instead of presenting content in multiple pages, content is embodied in a single page that you can scroll down.

Pageless Design

(Pixabay / ptra)

Pageless design is embraced by many web design companies in Utah and across the globe. But is it effective? Many believe that it will be the future of the web for the following reasons:

  • It “feels” more interactive – Interactive websites can better inspire visitors to take action. Pageless designs challenge traditional media constraints by allowing users to immerse themselves and interact in more powerful ways than previous technologies allowed.
  • It results in higher conversion rates – A pageless website is a minimalistic design approach that combines a great story and interaction that, in the right industry, may guide visitors to convert.
  • Easy to upgrade – Making changes or upgrades to a website design is easier when there is a single page design (or significantly fewer pages) to deal with.
  • It is fun – Including interactive elements like scrolling pageless designs can win over visitors in a manner that merely enumerating facts cannot.

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