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3 Free Mobile-Friendly Testing Tools

To get the best results, your website must have a responsive design. Although a responsive website requires more effort, you will soon see that it’s well worth it to allow your users to view and navigate your site well—no matter what device they are using. As you...

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What is HTML5?

HTML5 is taking over the internet as the primary way to structure web pages. However, the fight for HTML5 was already underway when former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was still alive. Jobs wouldn’t allow Flash, the more common feature at the time, to be used on his iOS...

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Common Problems with Web Design Practices

Websites are one of the most critical aspects of modern businesses. Since many people use the internet to find goods and services in their area, having a functioning and well-designed website can make a big difference to your bottom line. Although a good website is of...

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Where to Find Free or Low-Cost Images for Your Website

When putting together or updating a website, owners are looking to invest minimal funds for maximum impact. One thing business owners should think about when making updates is ensuring that their website looks credible. This means that the design is good and the...

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How Often Should You Update Your Website Design?

Building, developing, and maintaining a website is one of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner. Once your website is up and running, many business owners breathe a sigh of relief and believe that the task is complete, except for routine maintenance...

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Google Analytics Basics

Google Analytics is a free analytics service from Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It’s now the most widely used analytics service you can find on the internet. Google Analytics will give you the following information about your website: Websites that...

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The Psychology of Web Design [infographic]

The internet has created millions of websites that are accessible to anyone who is connected to the online world. However, not all of these websites can attract users to browse and explore its content. This is because websites can appeal to different users. That’s why...

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Why Some Small Businesses Still Don’t Have Websites

When the World Wide Web went live on August 6, 1991, it became clear that the world would never be the same. The internet changed how we conduct research and business. However, despite the revolutionary growth of the internet and related technologies, not all...

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How to Attract Millennials to Your Website

Millennials, also known as Gen Y or Generation Me, are responsible for founding Facebook, posting pictures on Instagram, and making cellphones an extension of the body. While millennials are often viewed as entitled and self-centered, they have also proven to be very...

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6 Ways to Identify that You Might be on a Fake Website

Online shoppers constantly see product offers that are too good to be true. Some unsuspecting shoppers who are intent on saving a buck may find out later that they have been victims of scams. If you aren’t careful, you could lose a fortune on these carefully...

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Build a Portfolio Website

You can get more business and bolster your professional brand by building a portfolio website. The purpose of a portfolio website is to showcase your work and allow people to get in contact with you. It allows you to store your best work in one place for potential...

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