What is the ugliest website you’ve ever seen?

Rule of thumb when designing a website: appearances matter. Everyone knows this, right? Well, apparently not. Read on to learn about some websites that seem to have missed the memo altogether.
What is the ugliest website you’ve ever seen?

David Lynch

David Lynch is the Content Lead for Payette Forward, Inc., a digital publishing company with a focus on cell phones and cell phone plans.

The Most Popular Websites

Drudgereport.com is the ugliest website I’ve ever seen. The font is too small and difficult to read. There’s no consistency with image sizes. It’s not an engaging website, and most of the links towards the bottom of the page are useless. The website’s search function is not easily accessible.

Despite its lack of aesthetics, Drudge Report is one of the most popular websites in the United States. It shows that a beautiful website isn’t everything. Drudge Report is responsive and built-well technically.

I wouldn’t encourage new website owners to follow Drudge’s lead and completely disregard the aesthetic component of a website. However, many new website owners go overboard trying to make their website look perfect. This often includes large images and a lot of CSS, which can slow down a website.

Checkout the Movie Space Jam

One of the ugliest websites of all time is the one that was released for the debut of the movie Space Jam. Yes, Space Jam – the one with Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan playing on the same basketball team.

Check it out: spacejam.com

It’s a galactic attack on your eyeballs with super basic text, slowly loading links, and images that barely render on page load. You can forgive it, though, knowing that the website was launched in 1996.

What is the ugliest website you’ve ever seen?

Bret Bonnet

Bret Bonnet is the Co-Founder and President of Quality Logo Products, a $42.5M promotional products distributor located in Chicago, IL that was recently ranked by Print+Promo Magazine as the 13th largest distributor of promotional products in the US.
What is the ugliest website you’ve ever seen?

Ivan Kriuchkov

Ivan Kriuchkov, Co-founder at Quoleady, a digital marketing agency that helps SaaS businesses generate more leads with PR, SEO, and content marketing.

The Website is Perfectly Functional

I would have to go with CarlyAyres.com as the ugliest and most visually unappealing website design that I’ve ever come across since the dial-up era. Carly Ayres uses a Google Doc as the actual website, claiming that it possesses all the functionality she requires. So with contributions from people all over the world, her blog is a mishmash of colors, comments, and edits that contribute to its grotesque aesthetic.

Once you get past the looks, her website is perfectly functional, and the concept of hosting an entire website on Google Docs is unique and brilliant in its own right.

4chan.Org Was And Still Remains One Of The Worst Websites

4chan.org was and still remains one of the worst websites I have seen. Now I know what the static interface (that reminds me of Reddit, the better website) is meant for and that you can customize it, but prima facie, 4chan looks like the bile-filled vomit of Pepe the Frog, a character that it single-handedly managed to popularize and turn into a symbol of hate and racism. But people still flock to it in millions, and that just tells me that I am in the minority on this.

What is the ugliest website you’ve ever seen?

Tejas Nair

Tejas Nair is a freelance writer from India and a master of none when it comes to writing about stuff. web: nairtejas.com.
What is the ugliest website you’ve ever seen?

Josh Eberly

Josh Eberly, is an experienced real estate investor and marketer with strengths in executing high-end digital campaigns to grow businesses. He has worked with over 1,000 websites including, 717 Home Buyers, to increase yield, drive revenue, and launch marketing campaigns.

Mobile Is Even Worse, Forget About Responsive Design

sponsorshipaustralia.net. I stumbled across this site from a friend who sent it to me for review. Needless to say, there really wasn’t much for me to say other than, “The entire site needs to be redone.” What I love the most is the logo that someone just slapped on the site, thinking it was the same color as the background. Mobile is even worse, forget about responsive design.

It’s Got To Be Lingscars.Com For Me.

Wow, it’s got to be lingscars.com for me. Ling has even starred in an episode of Dragons Den (the UK’s equivalent of Shark Tank). It’s no surprise the investors didn’t want to invest after seeing this website.

What is the ugliest website you’ve ever seen?

Ben Dracup

Ben Dracup, SEO manager at Minty Digital, a digital marketing agency.
Stacy Caprio

Stacy Caprio

Stacy Caprio, Founder of Accelerated Growth Marketing.

Looks Very Old And Out Of Date

The ugliest website I’ve ever seen is the IL tax website. It is ugly and hard to use or find documents on, which is ironic considering how much state income tax IL takes from its residents each year: mytax.illinois.gov

The site is bland, uses antiquated buttons and links, and looks very old and out of date. Luckily it serves its function, making it ok, and something I would not suggest the state pays someone to update.

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