What will be the top trends in web design in the coming year?

Web design plays a significant role in determining page rank, as well as boosting customer experience on a website. As best practices are always changing and evolving, we asked business owners what they thought would be important to remember in 2021 to build and manage a successful site. Read below to see what they had to say.
What will be the top trends in web design in the coming year?

Rex Freiberger

Rex Freiberger, CEO of Gadget Review.

The Advancement Of Chatbots In 2021

One thing I’m interested in is the advancement of chatbots in 2021. It feels like client-side AI has become much more advanced in just the last few years. The algorithms controlling the responses are tighter and often much more comprehensive. Many customers can be helped through chatbot alone. It is a great resource in addition to standard customer service.

I’d like to see chatbots speak in more conversational tones, however. Right now, they still definitely sound like AI. While there’s no need to “trick” customers into thinking they’re talking to real people, chatbots can only be improved by having more intuitive responses that fall in line with those of a human.

Dark Mode Websites and High-Performance ChatBots

Web design is very important for any website because it is one of the marketing materials that introduces your brand to people. As an online business owner, I always invest in redesigning my website to provide an exceptional experience to my customers.

Here are my top 2 web design trend for 2021:

Dark Mode Websites: Dark modes are being popularized now and used with applications. This dynamic design can actually trend in 202. People prefer using dark modes because they can feel that their eyes are more relaxed than with traditional web design.

High-Performance ChatBots: There are many websites nowadays that use chatbots to entertain visitor’s queries, and chatbots are expected to improve significantly to talk like a normal person. This means that they will be so much more effective than in the past.

What will be the top trends in web design in the coming year?

Scot Chrisman

Scot Chrisman, Chief Marketing Officer at NWT3K.
Jacob Martinez

Jacob Martinez

Jacob Martinez, Founder at SwiftClean.

My Web Design Trends For 2021

Technology development is fast-phased, and so is web design. Your website is the “silent ambassador” of your brand. It gives your clients the impression of who you are and what you do. If it is beautifully designed, intelligently built, and provides up-to-date technology, it will keep the existing users and bring in new ones. As for me, here are the web design trends for 2021:

Minimalism – “Less is more” is back. It is commonly known as flat designs with a clean and sleek look. It is associated with white, but also using the right vibrant colors to achieve that minimalist look.

Personalized content – [This content] is based on the data collected on the user’s behavior and preference. This is a practical way to target a segmented audience and an effective tool in delivering your message to the right people at the right time.

AI Chatbots – Chatbots are an effective tool to address the repetitive task. It answers simple queries like product descriptions and frequently asked questions. It is a reliable way to reach out to customers in real-time who want to find vital information about your company.

Smart Informative Videos – [Some] people are always in a hurry. Uploading a video on your site is the way to address the needs of this particular group. These people want to obtain information fast while commuting or traveling. Remember to create a video that is short but packed with information to capture the intended audience.

Fast – No matter how well-designed your site is, if it is not fast enough, it is a big turn-off to visitors. They will check your competitors instead.

Smart Content Loading

Page speed is now one of the most important factors in UX and SEO, so every good website design should keep loading times to a minimum. It can be difficult if you have a site with a lot of content or graphics on the page, but smart or lazy content loading gets around that.

Lazy content loading means that content is downloaded as you move down the page. This means the browser isn’t trying to download the entire page right at the start. As most people never reach the bottom of a webpage, it means that you’re only loading the content that they’re actually interested in seeing. It also presents a great opportunity to add movement to the page, with content further down the page loading in with animations. This creates a more visually interesting design as well as reducing load times – a win-win.

What will be the top trends in web design in the coming year?

Sam Orchard

Sam Orchard, Creative Director at Edge of the Web.
What will be the top trends in web design in the coming year?

Chris Muktar

Chris Muktar, Founder of WikiJob.co.uk.

2021 Web Design Trends

Voice automated websites
Companies will most likely level up their websites by putting in a chat box that is human-like to cater to the needs of the visitors. Instead of typing, customers will just need to speak, and their conversation will start up and keep going on until they find what they are looking for.

Browsing and Loading speed
Websites will be easier to navigate even if they contain a lot of graphics and videos. Users will not get bored or annoyed with their loading speed.

The Fastest-Growing Design Trends In 2021

With web users getting increasingly bored of seeing yet another flat image on the homepage, [I anticipate] the advancement of AR/VA technology such as Apple Animoji or Instagram filters that turn anyone into an anime character. Also, with the accessibility to open source 3D illustration tools such as Blender, which in the past designers would have to purchase, I would expect to see 3d illustration art being one of the fastest-growing design trends in 2021. We are also seeing plenty of raving reviews on Dribble from designers whose design portfolio follow the 3d illustration trend.

What will be the top trends in web design in the coming year?

Bowen Khong

Bowen Khong is the managing director and head of research at ForexToStocks.

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