8 Web Designs that Get Results

Many would argue that design eclipses content when it comes to getting traffic to a website. That is why a well-designed site has such a big impact on the bottom line of a business.

Web Design that Gets Results

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If you are looking to enhance sign-ups, traffic, and sales to a website, consider these tips:

  • Streamline — You don’t need a complicated or intricate design to entice customers to visit and return to your page. Simply provide relevant information that your customers need in an easily accessible format. Simple websites perform better.
  • Create a winning value proposition — This proposition tells customers why they should buy from you. This could be shared through a slogan or a headline, or it could come in the form of images or video. Communicating a strong value proposition will affect your entire site and the customer experience that you provide.
  • Don’t underestimate headlines — A headline will tell users exactly what information they will find on a designated webpage. That will help them navigate your site more efficiently for an optimal user experience.
  • Establish credibility — Customers will come to your website if they feel that they can trust you. Include testimonials and reviews on your site to strengthen your reputation.
  • Direct the eyes — Use visual elements to direct viewers’ attention to the most important components on a page.
  • Focus — The elements of your website, including the headlines and images, should be focused on only one idea or subject rather than a hodge-podge of themes.
  • Make it quick — The loading speed of a website affects the user experience. If it’s fast, users will want to return. If not, they’ll abandon the site. Website speed became even more important when Google began figuring it into its algorithm for search engine rankings.
  • Treat all pages equally — Your visitors can land on any of your pages, so it’s vital to build each page with the same care that you give the landing page.

Knowing these and other web design secrets can improve your website traffic and, ultimately, grow your business.


A website with effective design often encourages users to subscribe to the site’s content, bookmark the page and even recommend it to others. Hence, it is important that when you think about the design of the website, you also think about its significance to the users. In this infographic, you can learn more about web designs.

8 Web Designs that Get Results