The Best Sites are the Simplest Ones

So what does a great website look like? The answer lies in the old “KISS” adage: Keep it simple, stupid.
Research shows that visitors find a simple design to be more attractive than complicated ones. And the better the design is for visitors, the more likely they are to stay around on your website. That’s a strong case for streamlined design.

Best Sites are Simple

(Pixabay / Photo-Mix)

Here are a few tips for a simple, effective web design:

  1. Be concise. Your content should center on your product or service. While there may be a lot to say, brevity rules the day. Get across the most important details in as few words as possible.
  2. Form supports function. The form of your design—the color, the layout, the font, and the logo—should all support your message. These elements can have a subliminal effect on the minds of your readers. If something in your design works at odds with the meaning and content of your site, eliminate it.
  3. Develop a strong logo. Your logo is the enduring symbol of your business. Don’t skimp on it. It can communicate at a glance the main thrust of your business. As with your web design, keep your logo simple. Also, make sure to keep your logo usage consistent for strong brand identity.

Keep your design simple and your words direct and concise. When visitors linger on your site, you have a far better chance for conversion—the crucial end goal.