Utah Sites Joins Davis Chamber of Commerce

We’re excited to announce that we have been accepted as a member of the Davis County Chamber of Commerce.

Davis Chamber of Commerce

Utah Sites web design company is all about promoting local businesses, either by helping your business with a marketing strategy or by us financially investing directly into the community itself.


Utah Sites is Excited to Join DATC’s Employer Advisory Committee

What a great opportunity I’ve been presented with.  In December we received an email from Omar Bravo, Davis Applied Technology College’s (“DATC”) Digital Media Design Instructor.  The DATC was “looking for highly qualified industry professionals who are interested in improving Web Design & Development (Digital Marketing) Education.”  Count Utah Sites in.

Having grown up in Kaysville I have a great passion for supporting Davis County.  Since starting Utah Sites and it preceding DBA’s back in 2007 I have always made a strong effort towards committing to helping out the local community where me or my team can.  When presented with the opportunity to meet with Omar from the DATC I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.

After a brief breakfast in Kaysville at Granny Annie’s Family Restaurant with Omar, I was in.  It isn’t too often that I am impressed by someone’s passion.  I was pleasantly “wow’d” with Omar.  He truly enjoys his profession and is in it to help others learn.  No question.  Quite honestly, he probably knows more about many things than I do even as “an industry professional.”

Fast forward to yesterday and we had our first Employer Advisory Committee event.  At the Digital Marketing table I had the pleasure of meeting other great, local web design and advertising agencies, like Forth Gear.  The DATC provided a delicious lunch from Cafe Rio.

Davis Applied Technology Center Employee Advisory Committee

After an overall introduction about the goals of the committee we had the opportunity to read the curriculum of a course of our choice and to provide feedback.  Much of the responsibilities of the Employer Advisory Committee is to help provide feedback from a real life industry perspective.

  • Is the curriculum relevant?
  • Is the curriculum up to date?
  • Are there areas of education to expand on?

I chose to review the Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) course.  Having been involved in the SEO world for so long it was a bit of a unique experience for me to see SEO processes documented in such an extensive format.  I was quite surprised how accurate the suggested practices were, too.  After about an hour of being brought up to speed on curriculum options and reviewing the basics of the Search Engine Optimization course we called it a day.

What a great experience.  I’m excited to see students in our local community being educated with such great materials.  Even moreso, I’m excited to know that someone so passionate as Omar is the one supporting them on their journey.  Thank you DATC.

~Damon Burton

President, Utah Sites

Utah Web Designers Get Viral Attention For Latest Promotions

Utah Sites, among the top web design companies in Utah, is known for their high quality, low cost web development for small to medium businesses. Lately, and with their latest promotion, they’re known for even more. The local company has received viral success with their winter 2013 “free iPad” campaign.

President of Utah Sites, Damon Burton, comments, “It’s really been insane. The amount of local publicity that we’ve received from our iPad promotion has brought more attention than we originally bargained for. That’s a good problem though.” He continues. “We’ve always put an emphasis on our company structure towards being scalable. While our winter 2013 campaign has drawn large volumes of new clients we are able to accommodate the demand no problem.”

This local design company is not new to success. The clients of Utah Sites parent company, Authority Ventures, includes diverse range of companies from across the nation. They have ties to successful campaigns of big online retailers to power attorneys, manufacturers of car accessories to boat and jet brokerages. Damon remarks, “We really wanted to bring our proven track record with our national clientelle and open a local office to give back and help companies in our own back yard.”

Since publishing a print ad featuring free iPads with any new website purchase over $988, UtahSites.com traffic has increased over 200%. Additionally, a few mentions of the promotion to the company’s social media pages was followed by an increase of over 1000 likes to their Facebook page in just one day. This was matched by over 2000 new likes to their website itself, www.UtahSites.com.

This Utah web design company continually develops sites in various Content Management Systems (CMS). From information based sites to e-commerce shopping carts, Utah Sites works with popular CMS’s like the following.

  • BigCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Yahoo Store
  • Volusion, and more

With developers on the team that have been in the industry since 1999, Utah Sites is ready to shake up the Utah web design agency scene. For more information about their iPad promotion or for a free web consultation visit www.UtahSites.com or call 801-774-9999.

Utah Web Design Company Opened by National Agency

Authority Ventures Inc., a leading internet marketing agency has expanded operations to open a local-based web design company called “Utah Sites.” The decision to open up a physical office space in Davis County comes from the expanding development of small businesses nearby.

According to Utah Sites’s President, Damon Burton, “Small businesses in Utah are booming. From the tech explosion in Utah County to small business developments in Davis County, we found that we could offer a valuable service in opening a localized office in the city of Layton to help businesses establish their online presence.”

Mr. Burton’s team can be associated with helping many nationally recognized brands drive online results. From Inc. 5000 recognized companies in New York and high profile companies across the East Coast, to some big names in our own back yard, Authority Ventures is recognized for their proven track record. Damon adds, “We love Utah. I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with big Utah brands like Zarbees, Spoonful of Comfort and Flirty Aprons. With our new local-focused Utah web design office we can take our model of growing by word of mouth and proven results on a national scale and magnify it within our local area.”

Utah Sites focuses on small to medium business web development. Their extensive Content Management System (CMS) knowledge includes development on various platforms, including the following.

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • BigCommerce
  • Yahoo Store
  • Volusion
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • AbleCommerce
  • ZenCArt
  • NetSuite

Having been designing websites since 1999, Damon’s team has built and marketed everything from fashion retailers to software (SaaS) companies, automotive parts manufacturers to electronic manufacturing contractors, luxury travel brokers to high profile lawyers. With an extensive background in various verticals of internet marketing, Authority Ventures Inc. is a welcomed change of pace to bring diversity to Utah’s web design companies. For a free site review or web design consultation visit www.utahsites.com or call 801-774-9999.

Layton Web Design Company Filling Void in Local Fulfillment

Utah Sites, an experienced web design company in Utah, announced its opening of a local design office in Layton earlier in 2013. As a design agency that focuses on site development for small to medium business, the growth to date has been nothing short of substantial.

President of Utah Sites, Damon Burton, comments, “The growth and love from the local community that we’ve experienced is amazing. We’ve been designing sites for a long time. While we experienced growth across the nation through our parent company, our team realized that there was a void locally.” He continues, “We noticed that there was not a lot of local representation from web design companies in Utah, particularly in Davis County, to help all the growing businesses. Utah has a lot of good web design firms, but most you don’t know where they are physically located if you wanted to stop in and ask some designers a few questions.” At that point, UtahSites.com was born.

While the entity “Utah Sites” may be new on paper the group is not new when it comes to web design. The team of local web designers in Utah Sites team consists of experience dating back as far as 1999. The concept of providing physically available web designers in Layton has proven successful. Such a simple idea of opening an office with signage to attract attention from passing traffic is now one of Utah Sites biggest sources of growth. Ironically, in the digital age it seems that the simplest forms of marketing are often the most effective for a digital based comany.

Utah Sites tends to provide most of their fulfillment in the space of small to medium businesses. From online fashion retailers like Flirty Aprons to nationally recognized children’s cough syrup brand Zarbees, the guys behind this design and online marketing firm are known for contributing to the internet success of some well known Utah businesses. With a vast knowledge of various website software, this team can help with anything from content marketing and building an online brand to e-commerce site design and printed marketing materials.

Such an established design and SEO company in Utah is a welcomed source of experience to businesses in Davis County. As local businesses welcome the personalized business attention, Utah Sites continues to say “thanks” and appreciate the love from the community. For a free website quote or audit and analysis on your existing domain, visit UtahSites.com or call 801-774-9999.