Layton Web Design Company Filling Void in Local Fulfillment

Utah Sites, an experienced web design company in Utah, announced its opening of a local design office in Layton earlier in 2013. As a design agency that focuses on site development for small to medium business, the growth to date has been nothing short of substantial.

President of Utah Sites, Damon Burton, comments, “The growth and love from the local community that we’ve experienced is amazing. We’ve been designing sites for a long time. While we experienced growth across the nation through our parent company, our team realized that there was a void locally.” He continues, “We noticed that there was not a lot of local representation from web design companies in Utah, particularly in Davis County, to help all the growing businesses. Utah has a lot of good web design firms, but most you don’t know where they are physically located if you wanted to stop in and ask some designers a few questions.” At that point, was born.

While the entity “Utah Sites” may be new on paper the group is not new when it comes to web design. The team of local web designers in Utah Sites team consists of experience dating back as far as 1999. The concept of providing physically available web designers in Layton has proven successful. Such a simple idea of opening an office with signage to attract attention from passing traffic is now one of Utah Sites biggest sources of growth. Ironically, in the digital age it seems that the simplest forms of marketing are often the most effective for a digital based comany.

Utah Sites tends to provide most of their fulfillment in the space of small to medium businesses. From online fashion retailers like Flirty Aprons to nationally recognized children’s cough syrup brand Zarbees, the guys behind this design and online marketing firm are known for contributing to the internet success of some well known Utah businesses. With a vast knowledge of various website software, this team can help with anything from content marketing and building an online brand to e-commerce site design and printed marketing materials.

Such an established design and SEO company in Utah is a welcomed source of experience to businesses in Davis County. As local businesses welcome the personalized business attention, Utah Sites continues to say “thanks” and appreciate the love from the community. For a free website quote or audit and analysis on your existing domain, visit or call 801-774-9999.