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3 Free Mobile-Friendly Testing Tools

To get the best results, your website must have a responsive design. Although a responsive website requires more effort, you will soon see that it’s well worth it to allow your users to view and navigate your site well—no matter what device they are using.

3 Free Mobile-Friendly Testing Tools

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As you design your responsive website, you may be wondering how it will look or function when you are finished. To be sure that you’re headed in the right direction, you should test your website early and often. Fortunately, there are a number of free testing tools to make sure that your website is indeed responding on all browsers and screen sizes.


This tool will list varying resoltions to preview your site with.  Responsivator is nice because it is resolution-based and not device-specific.  This means that as devices and operating systems change, Responsivator will stand the test of time for troubleshooting mobile-friendly website layouts.


Oppositve of Responsivator, Xrespond does show device-specific layouts.  This site calls itself a virtual device lab that allows you to preview how any website will look on any device.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This is one of the webmasters’ tools from Google. It is not a real previewer but rather a dedicated mobile tool for identifying technical responsiveness issues. While this may not be a visual testing tool like the previously mentioned ones, it will allow you to gather important information about your site’s responsiveness from the most authoritative company on the web.

Of less importance than the actual tool you test with is the fact that you always test responsiveness before you go live. Pick one or two of these tools, and make sure that you give your site a thorough vetting to be certain that it can interface well with all devices and display sizes.

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