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Why WordPress Still Rules

WordPress is more than just a platform for blogging. With its evolution, it has now become a versatile management system that handles web content. That means you can now create a website or application using WordPress. And best of all, it still has the easy-to-use characteristics that web developers love.

WordPress Rules

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Here are some reasons why WordPress is arguably the best platform for developing websites:

  1. Free – WordPress offers internet-based software that you can download anytime—for free. WordPress even offers a repository of themes and plug-ins that are free as well. You just need a domain name and a web host to get started.
  2. Strong support – WordPress has a strong support community that is available to address user issues, develop plug-ins, and offer helpful tips.
  3. User friendly – It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran developer or a novice in the industry. WordPress is almost foolproof.
  4. Easily searchable sites – WordPress websites are in a way that make them easily accessible to search engines. These searchable sites tend to get higher rankings. If you want to maximize your website’s search engine performance, choose WordPress.
  5. Easy to manage – WordPress has its own updater that you can use to make adjustments to plug-ins and themes. It also alerts you if there is a new version of WordPress or your plug-ins or theme.

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