Why People Are not Staying on Your Website

If you’re not happy with your website’s conversion rates, it could be because visitors aren’t sticking around to read your content. Even if users can easily find your website, finding and staying are two different matters.

Why People Are not Staying on Website

(Pixabay / natureaddict)

If you feel that potential customers are leaving your website too quickly, it may be time to make some improvements. Follow these tips to give your site more appeal:

  • Speed it up — Slow-loading web pages are conversion killers. Today’s users are impatient. If a site is taking too long to load, they’ll defect to your competitors. Streamline design elements to ensure that your page loads fast.
  • Embrace responsive design —Right now, more users access the Internet are using their mobile devices than desktops. Responsive website designs automatically adjust for optimal display no matter what device you’re using. However, if your website cannot display well on a portable device, you can expect potential customers to walk away.
  • Maintain a visually appealing design — Your website might have the best content in the world, but if it is laid out poorly, viewers will be turned off. Keep your content simple, clear, and visually appealing. Use readable fonts with ample spacing and add attractive images to enhance your content, but only as needed.
  • Improve your content — Is your content engaging and easy to understand? Avoid tech-speak that could bore users and go over their heads. Draw readers in with captivating headlines and subheads and make sure that your content is relevant to your readers.
  • Eliminate pop-ups — If you have pop-ups on your website, they could be driving people away. Unsolicited pop-ups work for some sites, but they tend to irritate users. Try replacing pop-ups with other elements that are placed in an appropriate spot on the website that is easy to see, but not distracting. If you really want to use pop-ups, use them in moderation and make sure they are relevant to your page content.

Once you’ve tweaked your website so that it is more inviting to viewers, make sure that users can convert. Create clear and accessible calls to action that will turn site visitors into customers.