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Why CSS is a Must for Efficient Web Design

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) define how web pages are presented, with references to layout, colors, and fonts. It allows developers to adapt a website’s presentation to many types of devices and resolutions with the manipulation of a single file. Here are two of the main reasons why CSS won its battle over table-based web design.

CSS for Efficient Web Design

(Pixabay / Boskampi)

  • Provides efficiency in design and updates – You can create rules with CSS and apply them to the different elements across a website. It is useful in making site-wide design changes without having to edit dozens or hundreds of individual files. CSS allows for the complete separation of content from the website’s visual aspects, facilitating quick creation or editing of layouts and troubleshooting of problems.
  • Leads to faster page load – The use of CSS can make pages load faster. CSS classes are quicker to load than tables and the classes can also be cached by browsers. This means that classes need to be loaded only once to then render later across new visited pages on a site, whereas tables have to be loaded from scratch on any page.

Many website owners and developers swear by CSS for a reason: convenience. Simply put, you can make your job easier with CSS.

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