Utah Summer Is Near

Facing the computer throughout winter, eight hours a day, can be less than motivating. As much as I love designing website, being stuck indoors will drive anyone crazy. For that reason, at Utah Sites, we make an effort to make keep morale high by organizing regular parties as often as we can. Need some summer motivation in your workplace? Here are some ideas that Utah Sites has enjoyed.

Tropical themed party

Even though Utah doesn’t have any exotic beaches, tropical destinations are impossible to keep out of your head when summer rolls around. If you can’t go to a tropical place, make your office space look tropical instead and have the team come to work wearing beach attire. Tropical-inspired drinks and an exotic lunch is sure to keep everyone in high spirits. Break out the mini-drink umbrellas and tiki hits, hang some tropical grass, turn on some music and enjoy the day.

Summer potluck

Maybe a tropical themed party is a bit excessive for your office. You can still get into the vibe of summer and throw a summer potluck. These types of work lunches are easy on the wallet too since everyone brings a little something. Extend the company lunch break a bit and enjoy a lengthy summer lunch with office colleagues. The most important part of office parties is to bond with co-workers.

Get the office out of the office

Summer is a time for people to enjoy the sun’s rays. Organize an outdoor party, line up some sports, and enjoy some friendly competition. Bringing the indoor operations into an outdoor environment is sure to be a stress reliever.

Happy employees are productive employees. We take every opportunity we can to celebrate a special occasion. New site launch during winter? Let’s get out of the office and celebrate with dinner. A client get a major media feature? Let’s get out of the office and celebrate with dinner. Did the temperature get above freezing? Let’s get out of the office and celebrate with dinner. You get the picture. That’s why spring, and especially upcoming summer, are a welcome break from Utah’s inversion. Get ready for some summer fun. What is the best summer office party you have experienced?