Utah Sites’ Support of World Environment Day

We love to hear stories of people doing their best to support greener work environments. Taking on “being green” can be tricky for anyone, let alone a business. Ignore the naysayers that nag about mythical, tiresome processes to become environmentally conscious. Sure, you might have to initially commit a little time or money but in the long your business will save on utility bills and can even increase productivity with increased feng shui in the office.

Here are a three easy, environmentally-friendly practices we embrace at our web design company. Do any inspire you?

1. Saying no to natural gas during summer

Gas may be a must-have to run your furnace in the winter but once the cold weather is behind us, our Utah web design company kicks Questar to the curb. But what about hot water, you ask? We use electric water heating units to tickle our fancy.

By switching our water heaters to electric powered water heaters, we’re able to call up the Utah gas company each spring and ask them to completely shut off our gas line. No more phantom natural gas usage and goodbye summer gas bill.

2. Energy efficient office lighting

Installing an energy efficient lighting system involves the inclusion of lighting layouts that take advantage of natural layout and minimize electricity with the use of motion detectors. Other than early mornings or late nights, natural light fills our office, and we have little-to-no need for lights during the day. What rooms do require lighting have motion sensor switches installed. When we’re not in the room, the lights are not on. This saves a ton of wasted power from times that we otherwise forget to turn off the lights.

3. Go paperless

Bill Gates is famed for predicting that business would advance towards being paperless. Going fully paperless may be a trick, but going mostly paperless is easy. Gone are the days of printed papers being the only way to sign contracts. With email being a daily practice, contracts and business communications come and go in the blink of an eye.

Need to sign something? You still don’t need paper. Our Utah web designers digitally sign’s PDF’s with programs like PDFpenPRO, then send and receive contracts by email and efax. As a company that specializes in internet marketing, web design, and search engine optimization, we are well adapted to the world of communicating digitally. Our contracts and paperwork are all digital and only utilize paper at the request of a client.

You could do this with your business, too. You’ll not only save our environment’s precious resources but you can save big bucks on minimizing physical supplies. What about you? Do you have some office efficiency tips for World Environment Day?