Use E-commerce to Prepare for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was introduced in 2006. Since then, sales on this day have been steadily increasing every year. Online stores have introduced unique marketing ideas during, before, and after Cyber Monday.

E-commerce Cyber Monday

(Pixabay / FirmBee)

Here are some important tips to help your business make the most of Cyber Monday:

  1. Save some for later – Showcase just a few of your major sale items on your website in advance of Cyber Monday—preferably those that you will mark down by at least 50 percent. You don’t have to mark down everything—just a few popular items that will make customers want to return to your site on Cyber Monday. If you have slow-moving inventory, Cyber Monday is a great time to showcase it—at heavy discounts.
  2. Take inventory – Take stock now of how much merchandise you have on hand. Place orders if you anticipate selling more. Customers will be disappointed if multiple items have “out of stock” markers.
  3. Modify your website for the occasion – Add a Cyber Monday-themed skin to your site. It will let people know that big savings are afoot.
  4. Brace for big traffic – Shared hosting is not a good idea on Cyber Monday, as it is susceptible to lagging when there is too much traffic on not only your site but other sites. That’s right, shared hosting means your sites resources are shared among other unrelated websites. If someone else’s website overloads, your site crashes, too. Your best bet is to connect to a dedicated server or a cloud-based host. A slow loading website will lose customers, so make sure yours is fast-performing and capable of catering to large numbers of shoppers at once.