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Top Internet Marketing Trends of 2014

In just a few hours, fireworks will be shooting across the sky, lighting up Utah and cities across the world. Loud cheers will be heard in all corners of Earth as people welcome 2015. A new year is about to start, paving the way for new challenges and successes. As with every new year, 2015 will bring new advancements in web design and new techniques in internet marketing.

Before we explore new internet marketing and SEO trends that will develop this coming year, let us revisit some of the top internet marketing trends that dominated 2014. These trends made an impact on the that businesses succeeded online.

Content Marketing

One trend that was in the spotlight the most and popularity this 2014 was content marketing. Although it has been around since the first sales person knew written word, content marketing seemed to find its stride online as an effective way of promoting businesses. Businesses that shifted from traditional mass media marketing, used in tandem with social media, have proven how effective this tool is in driving traffic and increasing product awareness.

Image-Centric Content

More internet marketers are increasing their use of photos, infographics, and videos in their blogs, websites, and social media pages. Internet marketers have expanded their presence on picture-heavy social media outlets as teens and young adults have been proven to be more responsive to image-driven content. The results are a spike in traffic and audience engagement. Studies have shown that written content accompanied with meaningful and compelling images and graphics tend to receive more views and engagement from readers.

Mobile-Friendly Content

The world is becoming more reliant on smartphones and tablets. As the use of these gadgets has grown more popular and widespread over the past few years, smart internet marketers have made their content and websites responsive (“mobile friendly”). By making sure that your content is easily viewable on a traditional monitor as well as mobile devices gives you access to a broader audience and converts better.

Quality Content Writing

Keyword-heavy writing has become a thing of the past. Search engines are better at understanding what content has been ripped off (“scraped”) from other sources, get penalized, and are excluded from search results. Readers are actively seeking credibility from companies and content writers. Readers move on when they see gibberish, keyword-stuffed content. Genuine copywriting and useful content are the keys to success these days.

Diversity in Social Media Marketing

Social media is in a constant flux. It seems like there is a new social media tool every other week and a new one that gains popularity every other month. Businesses need to study these platforms to know the right one to use in their strategies. They need to know which social media platform their target market is using for better reach. It is better to do well with one social media channel than to do mediocre at several.

With a new year around the corner, it will be interesting to see the evolution of content marketing. Content looks as if it will remain influential into 2015. The businesses and websites in Utah that keep up with trends and use them to their advantage are the ones that will reach their desired audience and ultimately succeed. Here’s to your success in 2015.

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