Tips to Increase Valentine’s Day Website Sales

Valentine’s Day is a big sales day in the online world. Online businesses can take advantage of the gift-giving day to Valentine’s related products for a big boost to revenue. Here are some tips to drive traffic to your website and convert visitors to buyers for Valentine’s Day.

What good is a great looking website if no one visits it? Make the most of your email list by sending out a Valentine’s Day newsletter full of promotions. Want a long-term approach for a steady stream of customers? Start investing in search engine optimization and get free customers from Google.

A visitor doesn’t mean anything unless they buy. Now that you have plenty of visitors on your website convert them to buyers with these free website conversion tips.

Put your featured items front and center on your website

Do you sell anything romance or relationship related? Highlight those products on Valentine’s Day. When a visitor hits your website, make them see whatever is most relevant to the holiday. The easier something is to see, the easier it is to buy.

Increase call-to-action and guide buyers to buy what you’re selling

Help people find what you want them to find. Putting items on sale or organizing bundled packages make it more attractive and enticing for buyers.

A “buy now” button may be an obvious necessity, but a lot of websites surprisingly lack this call-to-action. Do more than make sure you have a check out button, make it dumb-obvious to find. Avoid light colored or matching colored check out or buy now buttons. Make these buttons stand out so potential customers can easily identify them when they’re ready to go to the next part f the checkout process.

Build buyers’ trust and secure your website with an SSL certificate

To assure buyers that their billing in secure, an SSL certificate is a must. This not only protects online shoppers but also adds a sense of security and peace of mind. That little extra peace of mind can mean a big boost in sales.