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Tips for Starting Busy Days off Right

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may find yourself in the boiler room much of the time. Stresses and pressures can pile up as you deal with the differing demands of your business. Work stresses may keep you up at night and mornings may hit hard.

Starting Busy Days Right

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If you find your days to be running away with you, consider these ideas for improving your morning routine and allocating your time more efficiently.

  • Manage your energy – Many of us have a spike in energy earlier in the day, which then tends to fade in the afternoon. List out your mega-tasks for the day, and tackle them early when your mind is clear and your drive is strong. Leave the easier stuff for later in the day when you hit that “energy lull.”
  • Prepare the night before – Take some time each evening to lay out what you need to accomplish the next day; otherwise, you may wake up with your brain spinning with all of the various tasks that you need to get done. Several minutes of planning at night can help ensure peace and productivity the following day.
  • Defer email – Forget about checking your email first thing in the morning. If there is a true emergency, it will come to you in the form of a phone call. Work your way through your morning routine before jumping into emails.
  • Turn off the phone – Minimize phone use while you get yourself ready for the day. Otherwise, you may slip into the habit of checking your messages and social media instead of tending to other priorities.
  • Set a routine – We humans are creatures of habit. This can be a good thing in the morning. Lay out a schedule and stick to it. If you know you tend to linger in the shower, set a timer and move on when it rings. Commit not to push the snooze button.

Life is full of pressures; some can even be self-imposed. Do not try to accomplish more than you are capable of. Start your day off with a pre-planned schedule and tackle the rest later. Get sleep, delegate, and preserve your down time.

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