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The Evolution of Websites and Web Design

August 21, Senior Citizens Day, is a special day. What a great opportunity to shift our consciousness towards honoring senior folks in the local community. Each younger generation should be appreciative of the past. Their wisdom and achievements become our values and conveniences – especially when it comes to technology.

Evolution of websites and web design

We thought that this would be a fun opportunity to view the achievements of past technology geniuses to see the path that later evolved into our industry, web design.

• Leonard Kleinrock is widely recognized as proposing the idea of the Internet in 1961.
• Stanford Research Institute and Network Working Group converged in 1968 to discuss host communications.
• UCLA submitted a press release in 1969 acknowledging the Internet.
• UCLA also installed the first Interface Message Processor in 1969.
• UCLA and Stanford Research Institute communicated the first message in 1969.
• Ray Tomlinson sends the first email in 1971.
• Yogen Dalal and Carl Sunshine design TCP during 1973.
• 1977 welcomes the introduction of the modem.
• 1984 welcomes DNS
• “The World” becomes the first commercial internet provider in 1989.
• Tim Bernes-Lee creates HTML in 1990.
• Mosiac becomes the first widely used internet browser.
• In 1996, Flash was introduced by Macromedia.
• PHP gained traction in 1998 with the release of PHP3.
• 1998 welcomes Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 5, too, which became the first browser to recognize the majority of CSS1.
• Google is also founded in 1998.
• And fast forward to 2008, when mobile access to the internet surpassed desktop access.

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