The Advantages of WordPress

The worldwide popularity of WordPress is undeniable. Roughly one in every five websites in the world is powered by WordPress, and hundreds-to-thousands more each day.

Advantages of WordPress

(Pixabay / rosygown)

The popularity of WordPress can be traced to the following:

  • WordPress has an unassailable reputation – If the top corporations in the world trust WordPress, who else can question its reputation? From government organizations to small businesses, WordPress is the system of choice.
  • WordPress is free – Because the system is open-source, thousands of developers across the globe offer plugins to make WordPress customizable for any circumstance.
  • WordPress has plugin stability and autonomy – While plugins add to WordPress’s awesomeness, they’re not mandatory. This means that WordPress can work out of the box.
  • WordPress is user-friendly – It is easy to train inexperienced people to use and run the WordPress. Even a novice can publish and change content.
  • WordPress is search engine friendly – WordPress started as a blogging platform, so its highly effective SEO features are incorporated right into the core of its system.
  • WordPress has many themes – WordPress offers a wide variety of themes, many of which are free. That means that you can update your site’s design and style and trends change.
  • WordPress can grow with you – Because of the flexibility and dynamic abilities of WordPress, there’s rarely need to “upgrade” to a different content management system as your site increases in popularity. WordPress can simply grow with it.

WordPress is a user-friendly content management system that has immense creative and practical potential. It is the CMS of choice for most web design companies in Utah and beyond, including Utah Sites.