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Testing Tools to Enhance a Website

We replace our electronic gadgets when they are no longer performing according to expectations. We buy new clothes when our old ones become worn or outdated. Shouldn’t the same principles apply when our website’s performance begins to decline?

Tools to Enhance a Website

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Websites are works in progress. It’s imperative to continue adjusting them to ensure that they meet the users’ needs over time. This concept of website adaptability reflects the growth-driven design of websites. The process involves consistent optimization, user testing, and other adjustments.

The following are useful tools to help you analyze a website’s performance and to look for areas of improvement:

  • Crazy Egg – This heat mapping software lets users gain an understanding of how visitors interact with their website. Users can track different domains belonging to one account and get insights about the site’s performance using the following intelligence tools: heat map, scroll map, overlay, and confetti.
  • Loop 11 – After inputting simple details, you can use this tool to create new usability tests. You can customize a test template, assign tasks and objectives, and ask questions such as how a user would describe the website and what features users find most appealing
  • Mouseflow – This analysis tool enables users to record their experience with a website by identifying trends and patterns in mouse movements, scrolls, clicks, keystrokes, and form fills. There is also a heat map that will allow users to see which of the page’s aspects solicits the most interaction from visitors.
  • HotJar – Look to this product for all-in-one feedback and analytical software that lets users identify opportunities for improvement. It relies on different tools, such as heat maps, conversion funnels, visitor recording, surveys, feedback polls, and user tests. The tools give important insights about how to improve navigation, eliminate ignored content, pinpoint confusing areas, and adjust pages.
  • Morae – This popular software offers a sophisticated arsenal of tools to collect data that may be used to improve optimization strategy. The recorder tool captures video, audio, and on-screen activity, including keyboard input. The observer tool allows users to scrutinize website engagement in real time. The manager tool easily brings the tests full circle through metrics calculation, graph generation, and the creation of highlight videos.

There are many tools available in the market to analyze a website for errors, shortcomings, and weak points. If an unexamined life is not worth living, an unexamined website is scarcely worth having. To stay ahead of the curve, find the Kryptonite in your website and be willing to address it.

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