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Super Bowl 2015: The Fringe Benefits of Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl, the annual championship game of the National Football League, has proven to be a brilliant outlet for creative marketers. With millions of people willing to sacrifice through rain or shine to get to or see the game, the Super Bowl is an opportunity for creative marketers to leave their mark in advertising history.

Super Bowl

They say, to be able to succeed in business you must be willing to take risks. With the hefty price tag of a Super Bowl ad, could a commercial during the big game be your high-risk, high-reward opportunity?

In 2014, a 30-second ad cost a mind-blowing $4 million for every run. This year, it’s expected to increase up to $4.5 million a slot and I’m sure 2016 will be even more. The price may sound unjustifiable, especially for small business owners. Even for popular brands and services, unleashing $4 million or more seems like a hard sell.

The truth is, ads during the Super Bowl aren’t just ordinary commercials. Traditional commercials during traditional shows may reach a few hundred thousand viewers. Commercials during the Super Bowl may reach hundreds of millions of viewers in one single airing. Here are some additional advantages to Super Bowl commercial time slots.

  • There are some studies suggesting that 50% of the Super Bowl’s audience are there for the commercials, meaning that people are more receptive to game-time commercials.
  • Ads during the Super Bowl are not regarded as interruptions. Instead, they are adored for being one of the entertaining factors of the show.
  • Brands advertised during the Super Bowl have a higher chance of being remembered.
  • Digital and social media enhance the exposure of Super Bowl-time commercials. A good commercial will be well received and shared via social media.
  • The majority of people watching Super Bowl are usually excited and motivated. When the audiences are in this state, your commercial would have a positive influence on them.
  • Product credibility can be strengthened because the Super Bowl is a distinguished event.

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