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Speeding up your Website

Speed is critical for high search engine rankings.  Users are growing more and more impatient.  As a result, they are less willing to wait for even a few seconds for a webpage to load.

Speeding up your Website

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As you look to improve the loading speed of your website, here are a few tips:

  1. Need all those plugins? – Plugins are important in automating various tasks. They also keep you from doing everything from scratch, saving you valuable time and effort. Too many plugins, however, can slow down the loading speed of your page. You can prevent the slow down by eliminating superfluous plugins.
  2. Minimize graphics – Images and videos can help your website for SEO purposes, but make sure that your visuals are optimized so they do not slow down the loading speed. Try to use as few images as possible to keep the page loading quickly.
  3. Streamline media files – Media files grab attention, but you don’t have to lard your website with them. Keep only the files that are most relevant. Delete the rest, as they will hobble your site speed.
  4. Tweak your site design – In continuation of tips two and three, website design is an important determining factor in the speed of loading. Heavy designs and complex layouts eat up more space and bog down load time. The use of a variety of color combinations, graphics, images, and videos will cause a site to load slower. If your website is sluggish, try simplifying your site.

When you are able to pick up your website’s pace, do not just sit back and relax. As you keep adding and modifying your content, you might find that your website is dragging once again. Check your site speed regularly, and make corrections and adjustments to bring it back up to speed.


Customers are impatient. Nobody likes to wait for a website that doesn’t load its contents fast. News and other information have been accessible online and most of the customers want to get ahead of this information. If your website can give this as fast as possible, they will have a positive browsing experience. This infographic will help you fasten up your website performance.

5 Tips for Speeding up your Website [infographic]

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