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Preparing for a Website Redesign

Your website is the face of your organization. It gives a first impression of your brand, leaving a lasting impact, which could be either positive or negative. Your website is also the key to the growth of your business.

Website Redesign Preparation

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Unfortunately, many websites still appear like company brochures—very static and un-engaging. In this state, websites offer almost no help to sales and marketing efforts. If your website is not contributing to business growth or brand recognition, consider redesigning it.

Here are a few ways to prepare for your website’s makeover:

  • Create your buyer persona – Before you spend your energy thinking about how you will improve the appearance of your website, decide for whom you are redesigning it. Define the buyer persona that you expect to be visiting your website on a regular basis. Will you be targeting stay-at-home mothers, business executives or startup companies? What information are these people looking for or what issues do they want to address? What is their income or education level? What are their additional interests? You can only be effective in redesigning your website if you have a clear understanding of the buyer persona you will be dealing with.
  • Develop conversion paths – After deciding on your buyer persona, you can launch your redesign based on your conversion plans, which will cover capturing new leads, educating your prospects, and establishing a deeper relationship with clients. When you review your old website, determine how you carried out the three steps in the past. Plan to improve as needed. You can develop your pages by adding premium content and calls-to-action that will make it easy for visitors to navigate your site towards converting.
  • Establish design aesthetics – At this stage, you can work on the re-design of your aesthetics. Choose typefaces that will influence how your audience will accept your brand, a color palette that will complement your message, and photography that will enhance your overall mission. Pay attention to the use of white space that will improve the visual hierarchy of the page. Your redesign should strategically use navigation and call-to-action to help visitors quickly browse through your website towards the ultimate goal of converting.

Website redesign can enhance lead generation, reduce sales cycle times, and improve your credibility in the industry.

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