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Picking the Right Colors for your Website Design

Because humans are visually driven, whether they know it or not, a great number of shoppers make their decision to buy a product based on color. People may choose one product over another simply because the color scheme of its packaging is more desirable. Many famous brands are easily recognized by their color schemes, such as red and yellow for McDonald’s, red for Coke, blue for IBM, black for Adidas and so on.

Right Colors for Website Design

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The use of the right color or combination of colors is critical to websites as well. You can create a brand for your website through the use of colors. In fact, color is as vital to your website as it is to your logo.

Here are some tips that our Utah web designers use, too, for picking the perfect color scheme for a website:

  • Understand how color influences emotion – Designers should use the color that best applies to the aim of the website. Choosing the color for your website should begin with an understanding of the effects of colors on people’s feelings. To most Americans, black shows strength and is often the color of choice for luxury brands. Yellow could evoke youth and optimism. It will grab the attention of window shoppers. Red means energy and urgency, which explains why it is frequently used during sales events. Blue creates the feeling of trust and security and is often used by banks and other financial institutions. Pink is romantic and feminine
  • Focus on your demographics – Your choice of color should be based on the demographics of your target audience. You could use red on your website if you are reaching out to people who are on the move, impulsive shoppers, looking for sales events, or on the prowl for a good meal. Opt for blue if your target market includes corporate business people or others who are looking for a sense of security and trust. Use green for people who are wealthy or looking for relaxation. You can also use different colors to appeal to different genders. For example, men prefer bold colors, while women prefer soft colors.

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