New Year Resolutions for Your Website

New Year means new goals, new plans, new vision, and new resolutions. What’s your resolution for this year? If your goal is to grow your business, then consider giving your website its own resolutions for improvement, too. To start, let’s review why building or improving a website to be efficient is relevant to your business.

New Year Resolutions for  website

1. Improves overall perceptions
2. Represents as a voice
3. Builds credibility
4. Improves customer service
5. Closes deals

While having a website is vital, the internet has become a hodge-podge of websites. So how can you make your web design standout? Here are some tips to maximize your website’s web design.

• Customized Design – Yes, design matters. If your audience cannot easily navigate your website then they’ll go to your competitor. Make sure that your website is user-friendly.

• Responsive Layout (Mobile Friendly) – Today, almost everyone uses a mobile device. For many industries, more than 50% of their website traffic comes from a mobile visitor. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly then people will quickly exit your website. No visitor means no sales. Even worse, Google will now penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly. If your website doesn’t show up at all then that’s a definitive loss. Mobile friendly web designs are a must.

• Website Compression – Reality check, a slow-loading site may cause frustration, not just to you, but to your audience, too. Every user wants a fast-loading website. Compression will minimize load time of your website’s pages and maximize visitor retention.

• Optimized Title Tags and Meta Descriptions – Title tags and meta descriptions may not have the power that they used to, but you still want to populate them. By having optimized title tags and meta descriptions you can not only improve your online visibility but you can encourage call to action, too.

• Contact Form – Some buyers know exactly what they want, while others need reassurance or a question answered. Ensure that you have contact forms or easy ways to be contacted to help your leads turn into buyers.