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National Safety Month: Office Safety Tips

June is National Safety Month, and we wanted to share a few best practices that we use to keep our Utah web design office safe. Perhaps you can consider some of these suggestions to improve your workplace safety.

Maintain a clean desk

Avoid accidental cuts, spills, and other safety hazards by maintaining a clean desk. Maintaining a clean desk not only minimizes accidents but increases productivity.

Turn off electronics

Turn off the computer and other electronic devices before leaving the office. It can be easy to forget that you are charging your phone or tablet in the office, but these “forgetful” moments can lead to overheated wires and fire hazards.

Maintain correct posture when sitting

Working in web design, we sit most of the day. This is the case for many businesses. Office workers are usually in their seats for most of their eight-hour shift, and this is not healthy on so many levels. Increase circulation and minimize muscle fatigues by maintaining proper position when sitting down. Embrace ergonomic resources, too, like ergonomic chairs, keyboards, mouse pads, etc.

Don’t be sedentary

Sitting for long periods of time in the office alone can bring in greater risks for so many unhealthy medical conditions. Studies and research conducted prove that sitting for long periods can predispose a person to heart diseases and make them more prone to obesity. Make an effort to perform some exercises or activities that will allow you to move your body. At the very least, get up and move every so often. Try using the stairs instead of the elevator or do some office exercises during short breaks to break the sedentary lifestyle in the office.

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