Logo Design vs. Branding vs. Identity

The perceived image of a business or product is shaped by the combination of their logo, brand, and identity. Each of the three is equally important, and yet they are regarded as independent entities. If you are fuzzy on the differences between them, here’s a quick run-down.

Logo Design vs Branding vs Identity

(Pixabay / LoboStudioHamburg)


A logo design is the specific, recognizable symbol of a company. It is the representation of what the company is all about. A logo supports the meaning that customers derive from it and how they identify with a company.


The brand is the overall impression of an organization, taken as a whole. It refers to the thoughts and feelings that people have when thinking of a company or product. A company’s marketing team may contribute some of the elements of a brand, but it is the customers that determine their impressions of the business.


The logo, brand, and visual identity make up the identity of a company. They are representative of the business as a whole.

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