Keeping Your Eyes Healthy at Work

As you can imagine, web design involves a lot of time staring at the computer screen. Staring too close for too long can cause your eye’s health to degenerate. Some people even experience headaches or nausea. That’s why we’ve invested time towards researching the best ways to maintain eye health in the office. Here are a few tips that we practice when designing websites that may help you minimize eye strain, too.

Use anti-glare monitors

Monitor glare can be caused by excessive light from nearby windows or other reflections. Minimize eye strain with an anti-glare monitor or monitor cover.

Adjust lighting and contrast of the monitor

Too much brightness can easily fatigue the eyes. Improper contrast may result in excessive eye strain as they struggle to see letters.

Size does matter

Use large text when reading on the internet. Larger letters will prevent straining of the eyes.

Print that document

If you are about to read a very long document, consider printing it. A printed document is easier on the eyes than reading on a monitor.

Take a break now and then

Just like your body needs a break, so do your eyes. Look away from your monitor every few minutes for a few seconds.

Use eye drops when needed

If your eyes are straining and drying out, don’t hesitate to throw in some eye drops here and there.

Eye candy

Having a green plant near your monitor can be candy for your eyes. A green plant can serve as a distraction to look at during your eye breaks. Additionally, the color green is cool and relaxing to the eyes.

Keep your distance

Keep your eyes at a proper distance from your monitor. Maintain at least an arm’s length distance. The distance helps minimize eye stress from the monitor’s light.