Is Your Website Ready for Valentine’s Day?

The Christmas season is over, and the next major consumer holiday is on its way in the form of Valentine’s Day. Savvy marketers have planned their campaigns for Valentine’s Day even before Christmas. If you haven’t started preparing, it’s time to get busy.

Is Your Website Ready for Valentine's Day?

(Pixabay / Nietjuh)

Cater to last-minute shoppers

Most people don’t think ahead enough to buy Valentine’s Day gifts in January. After all, most Americans are still recovering from the Christmas season.  People typically begin making their romance-themed gift purchases at the start of February.

Think outside the box

Jewelry and chocolate are standard holiday gifts, but they’re not the only options.  If you want to get your fair share of holiday revenue, you can start by making a Valentine’s Day category on your website populated with a list of Valentine’s Day gift recommendations.

You can also make dedicated landing pages for some of your products.  Adding these easy-to-navigate Valentine’s options to your website will encourage shoppers to make purchases.

Cash in on gift wrapping and shipping upgrade options

No one wants to be late with a Valentine’s Day gift, but few buy in advance.  Consumers are will often be willing to pay extra for fast shipping.

Offer accommodating delivery options and gift wrapping add-ons as well.  For people who have ordered too late for even the fastest delivery options, offer to send a notification to let loved ones know that their gift is on its way.

Email, email, email

Finally, email remains a very strong way of communicating with customers.  Send out an e-notification well in advance of the holiday to remind customers about Valentine’s Day and let them know what deals you will be offering.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day pass you by.  In 2017, the holiday brought in nearly $20 billion in sales.  There’s plenty to go around if you can mobilize customers.