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Is Your Website Ready for Black Friday?

It is crunch time for online business owners as the clock ticks towards the biggest shopping weekend of the year – Black Friday through Cyber Monday. It’s a given that you want to increase sales. But increased sales means increased traffic. You may have your marketing strategy nailed down but what good is it if all the visitors crash your site? Are you ready for the influx of traffic?

Website Ready for Black Friday

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There is always time to make last-minute changes to optimize a website for holiday shopping. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for holiday traffic:

  • Think mobile – Shoppers are increasingly shifting to mobile devices for their holiday shopping. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.
  • Limit objects on a page – You can best optimize the performance of your site by limiting the number of “things” it has to load. Too many images and features can slow down your site, causing visitors to abandon ship. When you do need images, make sure to not load them in excessively large sizes.
  • Enable a CDN – A content delivery network is a series of servers that help balance your traffic load.
  • Don’t forget security – Security may not be sexy, but if you skimp in this area, you may pay for it later. Exert extra efforts to ensure the security of your site.

As you evaluate your site, prioritize security and optimization. Reach out to our web design company for help getting your site ready for holiday shopping.

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