International Picnic Day: 3 Standout Picnic Spots in Utah

International Picnic Day is here once again. What? You’ve never heard of it? Living in Utah we have beautiful outdoors that are perfect for picnicking, so let’s explore the history of International Picnic Day.

International Picnic Day is observed annually on June 18th, a day to enjoy the outdoors, eat and enjoy good company. The exact origin of this celebration is unknown. Most attribute the day’s creation to the end of the French Revolution and the Victorian Era. During those days, picnics became a way for people to escape the restrictions of etiquette and formality.

With such natural beauty everywhere you look in Utah, we made a list of some of the best picnic hot spots our state has to offer.

1. Utah Olympic Park

Located at 3419 Olympic Parkway in Park City, Utah Olympic Park is not only a tourist attraction, but it has sweeping views of Park City. Among Utah’s most picturesque picnic choices, this place is filled with beautiful scenery, mountains, trees, lush greenery, and nearby attractions.

Having a picnic at Utah Olympic Park is like hitting two birds with one stone. You spend quality time with your family with good food while enjoying people watching as others take in their favorite outdoor activities like hiking and practicing ski-jumping during the summer.

2. Heritage Park

If you want to escape to a serene place with a good view, Heritage Park would be the perfect destination. Located at 4425 W. Cedar Hills Dr in Cedar Hills, this place is a favorite among picnic goers. It’s creek is shaded by wonderful trees, blooming flowers, bushes, and foliage that makes it a standout beauty.

Don’t forget to bring the kiddos. They can play at the playground while you rest under the shade with your loved one.

3. Liberty Park

Located at 700 E. 900 S. in Salt Lake City, this 80-acre park seems like it was made specifically for picnics. The park is well known for its aviary, carnival rides, museums, concerts and sporting activities.

Kind of a good excuse to get outdoors now that you know about International Picnic Day, eh? What other Utah destinations would you recommend?