How to Increase Productivity

Daylight Savings seems like the change in time does more harm than good. We’ve all been there. You are at work, but your brain seems to be somewhere else. You want to finish all your tasks, but you already feel tired. When it is time to head home, you feel relieved but unaccomplished. So many in the workforce are tired of being tired.

With a few simple changes in routine, you can take advantage of Daylight Savings and the longer hours of daylight to get more done. Here are some tips to make the most of the time change and to get more done.

Plan your day ahead

Spending 15 minutes the night before, planning the day ahead, can increase performance significantly. Every night, make a checklist of upcoming priority tasks. Use this checklist as a guide for your day ahead.

Get a good night of sleep

This may sound like a no-brainer, but do you make an effort to go to bed early and comfortably? You might be tired of work because you didn’t get enough sleep. Being tired and sleepy all day is one of the biggest reasons that Utah’s workforce is less productive than it could be. If you have an early day ahead of you, you should probably skip the late night party.

Spike the mind and body

Instead of relying on coffee, do something to perk your day and increase your energy naturally. You can get an extra load of caffeine or, instead, exercise in the morning to get your body pumping and full of energy. The point is, your body must coordinate with your brain. Coffee only tackles half of that equation. Brief exercise stimulates the mind and body.

Take a breather

Don’t hesitate to take a break. Having short breaks in between work to get some air or just relax can help you be more productive at work. Several studies have even proven a few minutes of downtime towards a power nap can contribute to hours of extra productivity.