How Important Typography Is For Your Business

There is a phrase amongst designers, “Typography speaks louder than words.”

Importance of typography in business

Writing “I’m tough” using a thing, cursive font style doesn’t just cut it in typography etiquette. Likewise, as a designer, you wouldn’t write “I’m sweet” with flamboyant boldfaced letters. When you are tasked to introduce the personality of your brand, considering the design of your website’s text is essential. There are even cases where the font style is the brand image itself, for example, Yahoo and Google.

To understand how to use font styles for branding, you have to know the secrets that make typography in graphic design an influential element in leaving a mark in the viewers mind.

Font Stroke

If you want to make an impression that represents strength, rectangular, straight strokes in chunky lines are ideal for you. If your company is trying to project creativity and poise, you should use cursive and burgeoning strokes. Add a touch of confidence in your typography with bold lines. Narrow lines express elegance and class while broad lines represent reliability and firmness. The diagonal stroke exhibits enthusiasm while curved and wavy strokes convey creativity. The stroke of each character expresses a company thinks. Choose wisely.

Font Size

The size of your letters signifies power. Using big typography will give you a web design that is strong in the viewer’s eyes. The larger the letter, the stronger the statement. Likewise, don’t accidentally “YELL!” by being too excessive with your font size.

Font Slope

The slope of a font can tell the vitality of a company. If you are into tradition and operate within a customary industry, straight and standing letters should be your choice. You will give your client the impression of solidity in your services. On the other hand, if you are in an adventurous and animated industry, you can use sloping letters.

Font Spaces

The space between text is also very important for brand identity. Expert typographers prefer to call it the typesetting. The spaces tell the speed of your text. If you want to leave a striking and extraordinary feeling in your brand name, consider utilizing wide spaces. Play with different font spacing to give different effects.