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Homepage Must-Haves

Your homepage is, without a doubt, the most important page of your website. It creates a first impression for your users, either inviting them to stay and continue navigating the website or leave and go to a competitor’s site.

Homepage Must-Haves

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It takes a little bit of time and energy to create a well-made homepage, but the positive results will justify your efforts. If you’re looking to build a new homepage or simply tweak your existing one, here are a few tips to guide your work:

Be Explicit about Your Website’s Purpose

The homepage should represent the purpose of your website. It needs to answer the user’s question of why he or she should stick around. At first glance, and with minimal effort on the user’s part, the homepage must give a clear picture of what the website is all about and why it exists in the first place.

Include a Hero Image

A hero image is a large banner that has a prominent place on the homepage. It is usually the first image a visitor will see when visiting the website and typically includes an image and text. A hero image is the main thing that draws your user’s attention as it describes who you are, what you do, helps the visitor relate to you, and communicates what the user can expect. The hero image banner is usually made up of a headline, a sub-headline, the primary call to action, and a supporting image.

Make It Easy to Navigate

Website visitors must find a clear and direct path to their destination on the website. Improve the visibility of your navigation panel as visitors get frustrated and leave when they can find their way to what they are looking for. Ease of navigation will minimize bounce rates.

Offer Access to More Product Information

Visitors on your website are not always ready to make a purchase because they need more information about the product or service. You need to provide an area on the homepage where visitors can get more details about your products or services, and why you’re better; your value propositions. This extra information can help tip the scales in your favor by compelling shoppers to buy your products rather than your competitor’s.

Give Consumers Another Chance to Take Action

The primary call-to-action should be prominently displayed on or near the hero image on the homepage. If the visitors skip over that part – which could mean that they are not convinced to buy – give them a second chance. Put another call-to-action somewhere below where they will see it after reading more information about your products.

Don’t skimp on your homepage. The extra effort to make it engaging and informative will contribute significantly to your bottom line.

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