Happy Father’s Day, Utah Dads

As a father myself, I enjoy both sides of Father’s Day. It’s great to appreciate dad and it’s equally enjoyable to see my little one’s putting forward such effort to put a smile on my face.

While you certainly appreciate Dad all year, Father’s Day’s formal recognition of Dad comes only once a year. What a great opportunity for kids and the whole family to show their appreciation to dad. Here are a few ideas to make Father’s Day in Utah special.

Do anything

Do the things that are special to Dad. Is he a big sports fan or a fan of fishing? Dad doesn’t care as much about doing something as he does as simply spending time with you. There are so many great attractions in Utah. Treat dad and the family to something that you haven’t done in a while. Make it happen. It will make him feel special and loved.

Make a special video or a simple hand-written card

These days, it is common for kids to greet their dads through texts or Facebook. Why don’t you do something a little “old fashioned” and exert a special effort to make the thought count? Make a picture collage or video. Write a short, heartfelt note. Items of appreciation that are done by hand are more sentimental. Go old school, avoid smart phones and social media. Dad will love it and relate to it better.

Cook him a meal

Let your Dad know you appreciate him by cooking his favorite meal. Not only will he love the food but he’ll love the thought you put into the meal even more.

Lend a hand

Why not do some errands for Dad? Actions speak louder than words. Before he evens gets to doing what he needs to do around the house, he will find it heartwarming to know that it has been done already by his thoughtful family.

No matter your age, Dads will always be the protector of the family. From all of us at Utah Sites, happy Father’s Day, dads. Make it count.