Google’s April Fools Pranks

When April Fools Day rolls around, you have to be on high alert. Pranks can happen at any time and any place. And apparently, you are not safe even when you are just at home and browsing the internet because internet trolls will always find a way to prank you. And do you know what site is the biggest prankster of all? None other than the most used search engine, Google.

April 1st seems to be a favorite day of sorts for Google. They roll out annual pranks, as well as have launched legitimate Google products on April Fools day just to mess with everyone while bankrolling the viral marketing side of it all. Here’s a few of our favorite Google April Fools pranks or Easter eggs.

  • Google Fiber Dial-up Mode
  • Google TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider)
  • Entering “askew” on Google will cause the page to tilt.
  • When you enter the words “do a barrel roll” on Google, the search engine will do a 360-degree roll.
  • Playing Pac-Man on Google Maps
  • When searching for “Conway’s Game of Life” on the search engine, the simulation of Conway’s game of life will be shown on the background of the search results page.
  • When you type and enter the word “anagram“, the results page will suggest “nag a ram” – the anagram of anagram.
  • Want to know how the Google search engine looked like in 1998? Enter “Google in 1998” and the result page will be replaced with how the results page of Google looked like in 1998.
  • When you search for “blink HTML” on Google, all the words in bold will blink. The same way with how the blink HTML works.

There are dozens of other Google search engine pranks that they’ve pulled over the years, many of which still work. Do a Google search for “Google April Fools pranks” and you’ll find a seemingly endless supply of the search engine’s pranks of the past. Enjoy!