Google DDoS Prevention

Google has moved into the space of “big brother” in another form, as in to protect the little guy.  They released a few new features for non-profit groups to help prevent censorship.  The highlight of the announcement is their DDoS prevention tool.  If you are not familiar with what a DDoS attack is it stands for “distributed denial-of-service attack.”  In a nutshell, a DDoS is when hundreds or thousands of computers come together to overload a website.

This could, obviously, cripple a website.  At face value it seems like Google just being nice.  Some wonder if it’s just another way for Google to collect data.  In this case, now Google could collect IP’s of “bad guys.”  This collection of IP’s to prevent censorship could end up being turned right around to restrict those IP’s from access to whatever Google or big brother may want to stop activists from seeing.  Preventing censorship for censorship.

Everything Google does seems to be a conspiracy theory to someone though. See more about Google’s “Project Shield” below.

Project Shield