Enhancing Your Web Designing Skills

As a web designer, it is important for you to find ways that will help you develop and sharpen your skills in this field. Our web designers at Utah Sites have compiled a list of their favorite user-submitted web design tips help you sharpen your skills this week.

enhance your web design skills

1. Don’t skimp on a logo. It is important that you or your customer’s logo looks professional and its message is easy to understand. It is the first branding component that potential customers see, so make a good first impression.

2. Utilize navigation that is intuitive. Aside from primary navigation modes, secondary navigation modes should also be intuitive when squeezing in additional links without cluttering your website.

3. Minimize the design. A common mistake by web designers is stuffing a site with extra bells and whistles, just because. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. Too many features are likely to cause information overload or “paralysis by analysis” as customers try and decide where to navigate. All you need is enough content or visual stimulation to express your message. That’s it.

4. Likewise, allow your visitors the time to digest everything that they see on your page. This means that you should space out your images and texts properly so that each message can be taken in without distractions from the next pitch down the page.

5. Use plain and bright color combinations. By using a lot of white space for your background you can easily emphasize important verbiage with bright colored text.

6. Use professional photos. Whether you license stock pics or you have custom photos taken, make sure that your photos on your website are of professional quality. Saving a few bucks on an image is not worth losing a big contract due to a lack of a professional appearance.

7. Choose fonts carefully. There are thousands of fonts available, but not all are immediately visible on any device. Choose a font that is native to most devices or one that you can easily embed the font file to allow for proper display on any device.

8. Each page should be a landing page. Approximately only half of your visitors enter on your home page. Make sure that all pages on your website include efficient navigation so that no matter what page a lead enters on they’re able to easily understand what you offer.