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Eco-Friendly Office Habits

Environmental problems are becoming a pressing issue, and they are happening as you are reading this. Campaigns promoting eco-friendly practices are getting more popular as a growing number of concerned individuals have become more aware of the negative impact that society is having on Earth.

Ready to make a positive impact? By educating yourself on environmental issues, you can start to turn the tides with simple changes in habit. Every little bit counts, even in the workplace. Here are a few eco-friendly office habits that we’ve picked up at Utah Sites.

Bring your own water container

Paper cups, plastic cups, and foam cups are readily available by most water coolers. After you use that cup for 9 seconds and then toss it in the garbage, have you ever thought about that cup’s lasting impact on the environment? A single plastic cup can take 50 years to decompose. A plastic bottle can take 450 years. Avoid contributing to waste by bringing your own reusable water container.

Go paperless

Help save the trees by minimizing or eliminating the use of paper. Send emails instead of sending letters. Use instant messengers instead of writing memos. Digitally store copies of documents instead of stacks of filing papers. Use task management programs instead of using sticky notes. We live in a digital world, so why not take advantage of it and go paperless?


Likewise, when you do use paper, and it’s time to dispose of it, recycle. Recycling also goes beyond paper and can include office supplies like ink cartridges. Either turn in your ink cartridge to be re-filled and re-sold, or go to an ink refill station and refill it yourself. You will be surprised by how much money you can save when you recycle your ink cartridges. More than that, you help reduce waste.

Use recycled materials

It’s understandable if your Utah business can’t go fully paperless. When you must use natural-based resources, why not use office supplies made from recycled materials? This minimizes further waste or unnecessary waste of additional natural resources.

Automate lighting and electronics

Everyone knows that you can save energy by turning off lights and electronics. However, how many of us make a conscious effort to turn off lights and electronics when not in use? Why not automate it?

Adding motion sensors to lights will help reduce wasted energy from times that you forget to turn off the lights. Taking advantage of natural light is a great way to minimize wasting energy on lighting, too.

There are also electronic timers that can be added to office machines that will turn off devices at set times. That way you don’t have to worry if you forgot to turn off the coffee maker. You can even set turn on/off times on computers. Had to run out of the office in a rush? Don’t worry, your computer will automatically shut itself down at 5:30 pm.
These eco-friendly office habits are easy and effective. Pick up some new habits or share these tips with others that may benefit. Together, we can save Utah and Earth.

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