Create a Summer-themed Website

With the carefree days of summer upon us, people love to see, hear, and read about things that they normally associate with the season – ice cream, cold water, cool breezes, the countryside, the beach, and the sea. Web searches for summer-themed words have already started to spike.

summer themed website

(Pixabay / Picography)

If you want to add a touch of summer to your website, here are some sites worth drawing inspiration from:

  • Quechua – Named after the indigenous people living in the highlands of the Andes in Ecuador and Bolivia, the brand suggests the spirit of outdoor life. This website presents its spring and summer collections with an original concept of outdoors imagery. It sends the message that summer should be devoted to outdoor activities such as traveling or walking in the mountains.
  • Satorisan – This company creates comfortable and attractive footwear. The Satorisan brand encourages people to see things from a different perspective. The website shows happy people returning from the beach with the ocean in the background. Walking on cobbled street with their Satorisan footwear, the beachgoers happily enjoy the warm weather of summer.

Offering products or services that cater to the summer-specific needs of customers is a great way to capitalize on the allure of the season.