Common Problems with Web Design Practices

Websites are one of the most critical aspects of modern businesses. Since many people use the internet to find goods and services in their area, having a functioning and well-designed website can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Although a good website is of paramount importance, the process of developing and designing a website can be tedious and difficult, depending on how you go about doing it.  Business owners should be aware of expectations so that the website turns out exactly how the business owner wants it to.

Common Problems with Web Design Practices

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To avoid common challenges during the web design process, here are some things to avoid:

  • Too many people making decisions — If you want your website design to be fabulous and functional, you should eliminate as many people as you possibly can from the process. “Too many chefs in the kitchen” applies to web design, too. When too many people are involved, their opinions may clash. If you are constantly having to wait for a consensus before proceeding, you will waste valuable time.
  • Unclear direction — One issue that website designers run into a lot is having vague instructions. Often, business owners know what kind of website they want, but don’t know how to communicate that to a website designer. Before making any design decisions, make sure that you explain your ideas clearly, so the designer understands your expectations and vision and can make the most out of your website.
  • Late input — It’s vital that you have key stakeholders involved at the beginning of the project. If they lack context and information, their input will be repetitive or unhelpful, especially if they are bringing up things that have already been discussed. Additionally, if feedback is given too late in the process, it may result in having to start over, which will delay the launch.
  • Aiming for perfection — While it’s important to strive for the best possible results, no website will be 100 percent perfect when it launches. Over time, the site will have to evolve to keep up with the times and current trends. Don’t expect to get it right all at once. In addition, striving for perfection can hinder the creative process. Instead of focusing on creating something flawless, focus on aspects of the website that you can change to make your site as user-friendly as possible.   As Voltaire said, “perfect is the enemy of good.”
  • Expecting everything to be in place for launch time — Websites are like living organisms. When your website launches, it will most likely not have everything you need or want. Would you rather a live website with some sales, or waiting for perfect and no sales?
  • Waiting too long before redesigning — One of the most challenging things for business owners with websites is realizing when they need to update or redesign. Depending on how long you’ve waited, you may need to start over from scratch. If you already have a website, make sure you keep up with the times and make necessary adjustments evert few tears so that users aren’t frustrated.

Redesigning a website can be a stressful task, but if you avoid these pitfalls, the task can be a lot  simpler and more fulfilling.