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Building a Website for an International Audience

While many small businesses know that their website’s audience is limited to a specific country, or even state or city, other websites are regularly exposed to an international audience. Building a website that is optimized for different countries, languages, and cultures is a profitable pursuit for any business.

Website for an International Audience

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However, developing this type of dynamic website requires a lot of planning and road-mapping.

Be Sensitive to Colors

As some language may favor or put off different audiences, so will colors. While the color red may not have any underlying meaning in the US, it can symbolize negativity to other audiences.

Translating Content

Keywords are vital to perform well on search engines. Enlist a professional translator to ensure that your keyword targets are translated properly, as well as your content that supports those keywords.

International Content

Speaking of content, not all topics strike a chord equally with different audiences. Your content should vary based on the audience that it is intended to reach. While US visitors may find humor in tongue-in-cheek talk, other audiences may be offended.

With a little research, you can be prepared to speak to cultures worldwide. If you need assistance, reach out to our professional Utah website designers to help you bridge cultural divides.

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