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8 Things Utah Singles Hate Hearing

There’s nothing wrong with loving advice from friends and family.  But, when you live in Utah (and you’re single) than you’ve heard it all though.  The consistent “reminders” and repetition of these sayings is what becomes tiresome.

Have you heard any of these yourself?

8.  How come you are not married yet?

why not married?

7.  Why not try an online dating website?

online dating websites

6.  I know just the right person for you.

perfect person

5.  Maybe you need to put yourself our there harder.

put yourself out there

4.  Why are you in such a hurry?  Being single isn’t so bad.

single is good

3.  Keep your chin up.  You’ll find the right person one day.

some day

2.  Why not try dating so-and-so’s brother/sister?

try them

1.  Maybe you should try harder.

try harder

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