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6 Tips to Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season

For many businesses, the holiday season determines if they will wrap up their financial year in the black or in the red. Sometimes companies that perform poorly in the first half of the year can recover later by beefing up their holiday season sales.

Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season

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As you look to make the most out of the weeks leading up to the New Year, make sure that you are giving your website enough attention. If properly maintained, your website can be a powerful tool for propping up your bottom line. Here are a few ideas for tweaking your website to appeal to holiday shoppers.

  1. Make a holiday-themed design – Attractive holiday designs put people in the mood to shop more. Adjust your website’s design by adding a few festive flourishes.
  2. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly – This cannot be overstated: you need to keep your website mobile-friendly because more people than ever are using their tablets and smartphones to do their holiday shopping.
  3. Offer holiday deals – Customers automatically look for deals when they browse a web page during the holiday season. Make sure your holiday deals stand out by using bold colors and lettering.
  4. Strengthen website security – Holiday shoppers are eager to purchase products online but only when they are assured of security. Inform visitors that you are using the latest encryption technology. Display your SSL certificate on your website as evidence of your dedication to keeping your customers’ information safe.
  5. Increase your online staff – You will need to increase your manpower in order to handle the jump in your online business, especially in the area of customer service. Even though people aren’t shopping as much from your physical stores, they do expect first-rate customer service.
  6. Test the capacity of your website – Your website must be able to handle the spike in traffic during the holiday season. See to it that your bandwidth can support the increased traffic as more people shop for the holidays.

The holidays are busy, but don’t get so caught up in the rush that you neglect your website. It just may be your best weapon in your quest to maximize profits.

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